Deciding on your web type

We offer two types/styles of web site design -

one for the ‘desktop’ and another for the ‘mobile device’.

In web design terms ‘mobile device’ tends to be the cell phone/tablet.

So at the outset consider your target market.

B2B surfers continue to use the ‘desktop’.
whilst C2B surfers are more lightly to use a ‘phone/tablet’.

Examples of web styles (for same Author Client)

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Desktop / Mobile devices  web design, photography & short  promotional video

Options :

Domain creation/submission /Management  Monthly rental Hosting / email  forwarding services  Search Engine submission  Google analytics coding  Technical monitor for new  main line browsers  Provision of images/video


Visit desktop web

All our web designs include:

Search Engine Optimisation  Zero cookies  Multi hyperlinks  Royally free  images   Configure/insert your video recording (max 5 minutes)  Email forwarding   Legality check

Desktop friendly

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Mobile friendly

Web Fees: No UK VAT

5 visible Pages -  desk-top  or mobile device web style  UK Pnds 350   Using your text/images/ one MP video max 5 minutes  Monthly rental hosting / email forward services  - UK Pnds 29 / month min. 12, by UK Bank Standing Order